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We strive to reduce the number of suicides in the region, speak openly and raise awareness about suicide and mental health.

Contact us: or call 780-963-1770

In our mission to create a world where mental health is treated with the same gravity and understanding as physical health, we place a special emphasis on the dire problem of suicide, an issue which claims countless lives each year in our region. Our team is deeply committed to drastically reducing these numbers. We believe that to make a real difference, we must cultivate an environment in which open and compassionate discussions about suicide and mental health are not only accepted but actively encouraged.

We understand that suicide is a complex issue, one that is often tied to mental health conditions that can be difficult to talk about. By addressing these topics openly, we aim to dispel the stigma surrounding them. Education and understanding are powerful tools that can aid in early detection and intervention, which are crucial for prevention.

Inviting us into your school, workplace, club, or team means fostering a community that is well-equipped to support those struggling with mental health issues. We provide a range of services, from educational workshops, seminars, and awareness campaigns, to mental health first aid training. By giving your community the knowledge and tools they need, you are actively participating in the fight against suicide, while also promoting mental health wellbeing.

The Coordinated Suicide Prevention Program - Our Goals
The Coordinated Suicide Prevention Program - Our Goals
The Coordinated Suicide Prevention Program - Our Goals

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