Suicide defines the moment in which mental pain exceeds the human capacity to bear it.  It represents the abandonment of hope.”

  John T. Maltsberger

Stressors can pile up on people. But when the weight becomes more than you can bear, seek help. Here is a list of common stressors:

Death of family member ~ Parent divorce/separation ~ Imprisonment  ~ Death of family member ~ Personal injury or illness ~ Dismissal from work ~ Change in family health ~ Pregnancy ~ Change in family makeup ~ Change in financial state ~  Change in frequency of arguments ~ Failure of Personal goals ~ Begin or end school ~ Change in living conditions ~ New personal habits ~ Work problems ~ Change in work ~ Change in residence ~ Change in schools ~ Change in recreation ~ Change in social activities ~ Change in sleeping habits ~ Change in eating habits ~ Vacation / Holidays
The list goes on and on and on… don’t let stress get you down. Find ways to manage and reduce your stress:
Breath ~ Exercise ~ Healthy Diet ~ Sleep ~ Laughter ~ Things you Enjoy ~ Helping others ~ Calming your mind ~ Being positive ~ Seeking help if necessary
Check out the Canadian Mental Health Association site for more about stress.
Build your support network here to help protect yourself and reduce stressors.

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